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Samuel Berthet
Associate Professor (joining in July, 2018)

Samuel” Bangali” Berthet
Studies environmental history, space and circulation. He is especially concerned with how we negotiate and mediate our
environment, both built and non-built? For Sam, engaging actively with the built and the non-built environment is indeed not
only a matter of philosophical concern but also of social and economic relevance, resilience, and survival. Sam’s doctoral
work was dedicated to the history of Indo-French cultural relations from 1870-1962 (Manohar, 2006, Institut français de
Pondichéry, 2006). He has taught at Visva Bharati, and JNU. He was director of Alliance française de Chittagong during five
years. Sam has coordinated two European Higher Education projects on Maritime History and two seminars on Sustainable
Architecture in Bengal. Currently, his work revolves mainly around South Asia and more particularly the city of Chittagong,
the Ganga-Brahmaputra-Meghna delta, the Northern Bay of Bengal, and shipbuilding? I look at milieu and built environment
as a space in constant transition

PhD. History, Nantes University, France.
Ms. Arts. History, University of Rennes II, France.
B. Arch. History, University of Rennes II, France.

Teaching and Research Interests

Environmental studies, Anthropocene, Circulation, Spaces, Delta, Coastal areas, Port cities, Shipbuilding, Maritime History, Global history.


Publications (selected)

Forthcoming - A different perspective on the Silk Roads: Chittagong and the Northern Bay of Bengal – Shipbuilding, circulation and spaces, Primus, Delhi.
2015 - “Boat Technology and History of Chittagong and Bengal- the scholars and the practitioners”, Water History, Springer Netherland. Water Hist, DOI 10.1007/s12685-015-0133-y
2011 - ed., New States for a New India: Federalism and Decentralization in Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh, Manohar, New Delhi
2010 - Co.ed., Dictionnaire de l’Inde contemporaine, Armand Colin, Paris.
2006 - Cultural Dynamics and Strategies of the Indian Elite (1870-1947) – Indo-French Relations during the Raj, Manohar-CSH, New Delhi.


Conferences/Invited Talks (selected)

2018 - ‘Indo-Arabo-Malay etymologies and shipbuilding’, Conference on Maritime Traditions of Indian and Pacific Oceans, Kochi.
2017 - ‘Across Asia: shipbuilding culture and technology in Chittagong’, Department of English, University of Delhi.
2017 - “Chittagong, l’emporium oublié”, conférences de la Musée de la Compagnie des Indes, Lorient.
2017 - ‘’Shadow corridors? Circulations in the Northern Bay of Bengal’’ in Shadow Silk Road: Non-state Flow of Commodity, Capital, and People across Eurasia, 25 – 26 May 2017, Hang Seng Management College, Hong Kong
2017 - ‘Circulation in the Northern Bay of Bengal: flows before areas studies and contemporary borders’. Connected Landscapes: The Alternative Understanding of Asian Societies, History and Ecology, New Haven:Yale University Inter-Asia Context and Connections Workshop, 2017


Research Projects / Curations / Exhibitions (selected)

2011 - Sustainable architecture in Bengal 2, Head of Project, InstitutFrançais, Alliance française de Chittagong, BUET, CRATerre, Caritas.
2010 - Sustainable architecture in Bengal 1, Head of Project, InstitutFrançais, Alliance française de Chittagong, BUET, CRATerre, Caritas.
2006-2008 - South Asia Europe Maritime History (2006-2008), Research CoordinatormEuropean delegation in Delhi, Jawaharlal Nehru University.
2004-2006 - Europe-South Asia Maritime Heritage Project (2006-2008), Academic Coordinator, European delegation in Delhim APCA.